I am Sara Sganga

Wedding Photographer

Hello everybody! Thank you for stopping by our website and showing interest in what we do. I am the photographer of DaylightProductions, I was born in Calabria, in the south of Italy, in a little town called San Giovanni in Fiore. I am graduated at the National Academy of Cinema, in Bologna, in D.O.P. (Direction of Photography), I work also on the set and I love to do it!
I am a photojournalist and I work with a lot of discretion, but if the couple want I love also to do romantic and creative portrait of them, maybe in a landscape. I love pizza and I live with my little dog Bailey. I love to travel around the world so I am a destination wedding photographer.







I am Francesco Fortino


Hello everyone, I am Francesco Fortino and I’m a filmmaker.
I always had a passion for the video since I was a child, I am a movie lover. My favorite director is Quentin Tarantino.I love every movie he makes! I love also travel and know new places, new cultures and new people. When I was 15 I picked up my first camera and through it I saw another world of lights, shadows and emotions, since I started to observe my surroundings with different eyes.
In 2013 I met Sara Sganga that opened my eyes further on a new world. She became my companion of adventures and life, we decided to found the Daylight Productions and now we create works that convey emotions.




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About us

Daylight Productions is an idea born from two young guys who share the same passion and the same love for the wedding.The goal of Daylight is to offer to the future couples two products in a single package, which are in total harmony between them.Sara and Francesco through the lens come in close contact with another dimension, made of light, shadows, emotions, tears, smiles and joy. Their purpose is to create, as discreetly as possible, a photo story and film with a great emotional impact. Despite their young age, they are contacted by couples from all over the world to make eternal the moments and the emotions, and they really love to work with various people, ethnicities and religions.